What is ASC?

ASC stands for Adventist Students on Campus and is a network of Seventh-day Adventist Student Societies on university campuses within the territory of the North England Conference. ASC exists primarily for two purposes. Firstly to provide a safe and nurturing environment for Adventist youth when they go away to study at university. Secondly they exist for the purpose of mission – to evangelize the campuses on which they are based.

It is the goal and mission of the NEC Youth department to have a ASC on every university campus where we have Adventist youth attending. There are approximately 45 universities in the NEC and we presently have an ASC society on almost 20.

Each chapter of ASC is run locally by students at the university and is supported by both the NEC Youth Department and the local church. In addition to this there is an ASC Advisory that provides guidance and support to the society on a frequent basis.

ASC has a logo and branding that is used by all the societies: